Thanks to the fine photographers over at the Huffington post, The Eye Candy network is able to bring you pictures of Coco Austin without makeup or spandex outfits. Even still, she's still worth looking at! Don't you agree?

Let's just save the usual lewd remarks and get right into lusting this month.

Sure, Halloween is over but it's always nice to see someone as fine as Ms. Nicole "Coco" Austin still in the spirit of the holiday. If I were sick, I know I sure wouldn't mind a nurse who looks like this coming to my bedside to help me get well again!

Originally, this video of CoCo's Smooth Magazine photo shoot was posted on our You Tube page, but for whatever reason(s), it was taken down by the powers-that-be over at You Tube. However, since it had gotten so many views and comments, we have decided to not only post it here for you to see, but have provided a link for you who appreciate fine "art" to download it (in MPEG format, so that it's ready to burn to a DVD).

This month, we at the Eye Candy Network decided to bring you a link to download issue #93 of Black Men Magazine, the all "CoCo Austin" special issue pictorial. The issue is in Adobe pdf. format. Just click on the link, download, and enjoy.

This time, the Eye Candy Network is simply going to let you view the lastest pictures of Nicole "CoCo" Austin and make your own crude remarks. Enjoy!!

You know, life is so hard when you have to work for The Man and you don't have the time to post the most recent CoCo pictures in a timely manner. However, I did manage to squeek out a minute or two to bring you the lastest picture I managed to steal off-line of Ms. CoCo. Enjoy!